ShereKhan mjg5 at
Fri Feb 10 10:50:54 EST 1995

I am a second year biochemsist with interests mainly in genetics, but 
what has fascinated me within the field of biology other than biochemsitry
has been psycho analysis linked with neurology.  I have little understanding
of the subject, but was confronted with a question from a colleague...

Is it really understood that we only use a small percentage of our
brain? And if so, does this mean at 'at any one time' or 'ever'?  Are there
regions of the brain that are never used at all in our lives, or at least the
functions of these areas are not known?

I hope you could help me because as I said I am quite intrigued with the 
subject, and would love to understand more about what I may well never be 

Thankyou in advance, if anyone here CAN help!

Biological Laboratory,
Uni of Kent, Canterbury, England.

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