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> >When a widely acceptable definition of consciousness is established, the 
> >Internet will be found to fit it.
> Um, nope, not if you've read Penrose's and others' arguements against strong
> artificial intelligence.  For example, in principle one could construct a
> computer from cogs and wheels, water pipes or whatever you fancy as your
> logic gates.  So one could, in principle, form an "Internet" of those
> "computers".  All the Internet will ever be is an extremely complex set
> of connected computers.  It won't become "conscious" and thereby administer
> itself (and put millions of SA types out of work!), for example, while it
> is composed of the sorts of Turing machines it is now.  That's not to say that
> some day a fully conscious "computer" might not be produced - an inevitable
> consequence of our understanding consciousness, from past experience (cf.
> the atomic bomb and genetic engineering) - from which a conscious Internet
> might be formed.  But don't hold your breath!
> Ben
> (P.S. Imagine if Intel already had the knowledge to make a "conscious computer"
> chip.  Then maybe the Pentium would be schizophrenic!)


and GLOBAL WEBTRANCE to you all,

no the I-Net will not become conscious, but maybe you will?


schwabb cyber-shaemon

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