Retrospleniocortex of Maynard

David dhe at
Thu Feb 9 18:26:32 EST 1995

ming at (Minghsun Liu) writes:

>I am looking for information about Retrospleniocortex of Maynard (what        
>is it, where is it)?  I am not having much luck with the intro                
>textbooks that I have.                                                        
I don't know who Maynard is or what Maynard has to do with it, but if          
you're looking for retrosplenial cortex, here's what you do:                   
Slice a brain between the hemispheres so you have a midsagittal                
section.  Look at the cortex that links the cingulate gyrus with the           
parahippocampal gyrus.  It's just anterior to occipital cortex, and            
just posterior to the splenium (the rounded portion) of the corpus             
callosum.  That's the retrosplenial cortex.                                    
Damage to it can produce an amnestic syndrome referred to as                   
"retrosplenial amnesia."                                                       


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