Sports, Dance, Movement, and the Brain: A Symposium

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               Sports, Dance Movement, and the Brain:
                                A Symposium
             April 21-23, 1995 at The Art Institute of Chicago

                               Presented by
                    The Foundation for Human Potential
                            in conjunction with
                The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

     As the third in a series of symposia focusing on the
relationship among learning, creativity and brain function which
began in 1988 with Art and the Brain, followed in 1992 by Music
and the Brain, the goal of this symposium is to stimulate
interdisciplinary research concerning the possible relationship
between creative movement (including dance, sports, mime and
acting) and brain function, particularly at the cognitive level. 
The symposium will explore "bodily-kinesthetic intelligence" as
presented by the Foundation for Human Potential Board Advisor,
Professor Howard Gardner of the Harvard Graduate School of
Education in his highly acclaimed book, Frames of Mind: The
Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  From a broad interdisciplinary
perspective, the symposium will highlight the skills which
underlie this "intelligence."  It will bring together, among
others, professionals preeminent in the field of neuroscience,
including neurology, neuropsychology, neurosurgery and
experimental psychology; the many fields involving movement,
including dance, sports, kinesiology, choreography, therapy,
instruction and coaching; and the fields of education, learning
disabilities, speech pathology, developmental psychology and
cultural anthropology.
     Lectures and panel discussions are designed for the educated
public, specialists and students.  Among the issues to be
explored are the influence of various brain areas on movement;
the use of movement in enhancing learning; the skills common to
dance, sports and other areas of creative movement; the
importance of physical activity at all age levels.

Guest faculty:
     Keynote Speaker     Jaques d'Amboise
     Drs.                Cynthia Comella, Antonio R. Damasio,
                         Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, Mark Hallett,
                         Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, James C. Houk,
                         J.A. Scott Kelso, Zafra Lerman, Jerre
                         Levy, Michael M. Merzenich, Karl M.
                         Newell, Elliot Ross, Sandra Weintraub,
     and                 Anne Clark, senior athlete; Patty
                         D'Avolio, Special Olympics coach; David
                         Dorfman, dancer and choreographer;
                         Bonnie Frankel, athlete; Joseph H. Mazo,
                         author; Stuart Pimsler, dancer and
                         choreographer; Jenny C. Seham,
                         psychologist; Ellen Weinstein, dancer,
                         instructor & choreographer.

For more information, contact:
          Joanne Donda
          Department of Education and Art Therapy
          The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
          112 South Michigan Avenue, Room 109
          Chicago, Illinois 60603
          Phone:    312.345.3516
          Fax:      312.541.8063

Director:      Andrea Gellin Shindler
               Executive Director and Founder
               The Foundation for Human Potential
               Chicago, Illinois

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