Society for Neuronal Regulation

Xochi Zen x at
Sun Feb 12 15:18:02 EST 1995

	Anyone here ever heard of this group? I think it might possibly 
be a pseudo-scientific organization created by a manufacturer of
"mind machines." ... possibly because no one else would except his/her/their
papers/presentations. Martin Gardner cites this as one feature of 
pseudo-science. Also, does anyone here know anything about the Journal of 
Perceptual and Motor Skills? Thanks in advance.

        Thanks to all of you who have responded to my previous queries.
I haven't yet gotten a chance to go through each e-mail and personally 
thank everyone. One last request (for now...) Could anyone recommend a good
intro text on Neuropsychology? One book recommended to me has been:

   Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology.

	Is this a solid text? What else is out there? 

								- Dana

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