internet and consciousness

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>>>  All the Internet will ever be is an extremely complex set
>>> of connected computers.  It won't become "conscious" and thereby 
>>>administer itself 

>>I think that {lotsa stuff snipped} the internet is an interconnection of
>>conscious {ie: human} units: meta-consciousness.

>I think consciousness has something to do with the creation of an 
>internal model of the external world, and also a model for oneself. 

"Is the internet conscious?" The thought also crossed my mind, but more as a 
science fiction plot. No the internet is not conscious - it is an indirect 
reflection of the human consciousness. 
But when used to communicate meaningful ideas the internet can cause a change 
in human consciousness.  As with any forum for the exchange of ideas, the 
internet can be a place to grow and learn. But until conscious computers are 
developed the internet will remain only a reflection of consciousness.
Please Note: I am using the standard definition of consciousness here
(you know - the one that says inanimate objects are not conscious.) 

Louie B.

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