internet and consciousness

Jal Kae jal_kae at
Sun Feb 12 19:09:30 EST 1995

: >>I think that {lotsa stuff snipped} the internet is an interconnection
of : >>conscious {ie: human} units: meta-consciousness. 
: "Is the internet conscious?" The thought also crossed my mind, but more
as a : science fiction plot. No the internet is not conscious - it is an
indirect : reflection of the human consciousness.  : But when used to
communicate meaningful ideas the internet can cause a change : in human
consciousness.  As with any forum for the exchange of ideas, the :
internet can be a place to grow and learn. But until conscious computers
are : developed the internet will remain only a reflection of
consciousness. : Please Note: I am using the standard definition of
consciousness here : (you know - the one that says inanimate objects are
not conscious.)

: Louie B.

	In twenty-five words or less, I'd say that the internet is a 
vehicle of for consciousnesses.

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