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Donald Wigston wigston at physio.emory.edu
Mon Feb 13 09:19:10 EST 1995

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> Hello.  I would like to get the group's recommendation for a good
> all-around introductory overview/review of general neuroscience.  I
> took an introductory neuroscience course a few years ago that used
> Kandel (sp?) et al.  Instead of skimming that huge tome again, I would
> rather read something more compact and manageable.  Unfortunately, all
> I've been able to find so far are reviews designed to prepare medical
> students for their medical boards, and these books' presentation is
> invariable fragmentary and rote-learning oriented.  I would prefer
> something less test-oriented, if possible.  Is there such a book?
> Thanks for your advice,
> Gabriel

There is supposed to be new edition of "From Neuron to Brain" coming out,
by Nichols, Martin and Wallace. You might also try "The Neuron", by
Levitan and Kaczmarek. For a primarily molecular viewpoint, "An
Introduction to Molecular Neurobiology" edited by Zach Hall is very good.
Gordern Shepherd also has a book called "Neurobiology" I think, but I
haven't seen it for a while. But there really is nothing quite like
Kandel, Schwartz and Jessell for breadth of coverage.

Donald Wigston
Atlanta, GA

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