help! Male/Female Brain

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Wed Feb 15 10:41:31 EST 1995

Regarding male/female morphological sex differences in the human brain:
have you tried text books, for example, Kandell, Schwartz, & Jessell's
"Principles of Neural Science."  Also, Kolb & Whishaw's, "Human Neuropsychology"
I believe there is definitely sex differences in the hypothalamus, regarding 
size, and shape.  I think there is also a difference in the corpus callossum.
You should attempt perhaps studying hormones produced by the pituatary gland,
and maybe try the brain at the molecular level, or receptor site.

Good Luck.  My name is Jen, I am a third year Neuroscience student at Laurentian Unnn
University.  I'll try to find out more for you.

				Jennifer Ng

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