Society for Neuronal Regulation

Caudateman caudateman at
Thu Feb 16 19:55:13 EST 1995

I was a founding member of this group and I assure it is a serious group. 
The SSNR was formed by a Neuro-chemist, a medical psychologist and a 
psychophysiologist from UCLA and the Sepulveda V.A. Hospital.  Its
intention is to explore the basis of behavioral neuro-regulatory processes
and to present a forum for clinicians and researchers to discuss these
ideas and present their research.  The founding president is Kenneth
Tachiki, Ph.D. who recently published a paper in The International Journal
of Neuroscience with Michael Tansey, Ph.D. on some research they presented
last year at the annual SSNR meeting.  Our inaugural meeting was three
years ago on Catalina Island.  

No manufacturer was involved in the formation of the society.  They are
based in Culver City, CA and their phone number is 310-836-0764 if you are
interested in further information.  

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