Q; WHY left hemisphere language?

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Fri Feb 17 15:35:00 EST 1995

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Dag Stenberg (stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI) wrote:
} Bruce Quinn (quinn at is2.nyu.edu) wrote:
} } One theory was that it goes with the dominant hand, which is right,
} } hence the left hemiphere gets language.  Another, that left and right
} } hands were differentiated for tree climbing.

} Look- you have to explain why one side gets a species preference.
} The tree climbing theory sounds like bullshit to me. I can plane a piece
} of wood both ways, but I cannot use a knife with my right. But why do
} 97% of mankind prefer the right for knife work?
}   Look for the reason in something that is really important to spread
} over a lot of area in the brain, then find out what connection was not
} compatible with coping in society and was deselected. Right-turning and
} left-turning rats are equally abundant, why not right-handed and
} left-handed humans? 

} } A physical explanation would be assymetry of blood flow in the left
} } and right carotid arteries, since the heart and aorta are assymetric.
} } This sets up one hemisphere to be slightly different than the other.

} That is a good idea. There is asymmetry in structure; why is situs
} inversus totalis so scarce?  Read J P Changeux on this one, if ever he
} wrote anything in English.

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