Q; WHY left hemisphere language?

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Sat Feb 18 09:26:16 EST 1995

x011 at Lehigh.EDU wrote:

} >CYNTHIA J. MONHEIM (cjm6689 at silver.sdsmt.edu) wrote:
} >} Does anyone have an answer as to WHY language ability initially develops in
} >} the left hemisphere, without exception?

} Nature (February 16, 1994) - gender differences pinpointed in how brain
} processes words.  Men seem to be left side specialized for language processing
} and women seem to be using both sides of the brain.
} Ron Blue

If that statement is valid, it would mean that damage to the 
left Broca center does not cause motor aphasia in women.
Maybe a more cautious and critical conclusion is appropriate.

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