Legitimate uses of biofeedback training

Brian Thiel/Lois Henry-Thiel thielbl at primenet.com
Tue Feb 21 08:05:26 EST 1995

In article <3i8sqm$bra at newsbf02.news.aol.com> caudateman at aol.com (Caudateman) writes:

I was very interested in your snapshots of Tom Budzynski and Les Fehmi.  How 
about expanding that with a series of similar ones for a bunch of others, e.g. 
Elmer Green, Barry Sterman, Dale Walters, Joel Lubar, Michael Tansey, Eugene 
Penniston, Jim Hardt, Len Ochs, etc. 

I am sure I have left some really good ones off the list.  There is no 
ordering in my list, just my brain at the moment caused the fingers to put 
them down that way.


Generally I am unequivocal...  ;>)

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