Wrong education!?

Toril Myrtveit toril at fidibus.uio.no
Wed Feb 22 08:57:17 EST 1995

I am a physicist,  but my real research interest lies in the field of neuro-
biology. Now I am about to finish my PhD (!) in solid state electronics,
I know a lot about electronics, computer science, equipment maintanance
and building etc. But I never was really interested in any of this. 
I would like to do research on n-b!!!
Naturally, I dont want to take a whole new education, so I wondered if there 
is a way of entering n-b without being a biologist. Perhaps as a technical 
'wizzard' or sth? Problem is: I would like to do research (too) and design 
my own experiments, not only be an engineer. 
Any advice/suggestions?

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