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> Looking for information about Huntington's

Like what?  The basics are that it is classified as a subcortical
dementia, primarily affecting the caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia,
but eventually causing cortical atrophy and generalized dementia
(cognitive effects can be identified through neuropsychological testing
before the classic motor signs like chorea appear).  The formal disorder
tends to show up in adulthood (30s and 40s) though I am aware of some
adolescent onset cases; death tends to occur within about 15 years, I
believe .  Unfortunately there is no cure.   The disease is genetic, being
passed on in an autosomal dominant pattern, so it runs in families (50%
likelihood of transmission in the offspring of an affected parent).  The
gene for HD was discovered a few years ago, so it is now possible to
identify carriers well before disease onset, allowing informed family
planning among other thins, though identification is not without ethical

This, of course, is just the most very basic of information.  There are
chapters and books about HD all over the place.  A visit to a university
library may give you more info.


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