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> Does anyone know of a Ritalin FAQ or where I could get more info on 
> Ritalin? I am interested in information regarding side effects, long term 
> usage effects, effects at different dosages, long-term usage studies, 
> etc. Thanks.
> -Kathy King
> (kathy at ascb.faseb.org)

Try alt.support.attention-deficit-disorder.  I don't scan the group (I only
scan four groups total on the USENET, and it ain't one of them), but they
will no doubt have something similar to a FAQ.

I have been taking ritalin (methylphenidate HCl) for 15 years now, and have
been in several studies at NIMH and elsewhere.  I also have taken a lot of
illegal drugs in the past, some of which really have strange interactions
with ritalin.  If you have any intention of abusing methylphenidate, I'd
strongly recommend against it!  If you are interested in chemical
structures, derivation, activity, pharmacology of methylphenidate and the
other piperidine derivatives, I can definitely help you find that.  I'm
majoring in neurobio, so I've put a lot of effort into finding out what
substances do (chemically) when I put them into my body.  If you're
interested, a good starting point is Goodman & Gilman's Pharmacological
Basis of Therapeutics; if you aren't familiar at least to some degree with
biology and biochemistry, something like _Driven to Distraction_ or the
like could be more helpful.

Let me know if there are any specific resources I can help you find,
preferably via e-mail.  The Equal Opportunity office here at CU also might
have information on support, behavioral counseling, etc. if you or someone
you know is thinking about starting on ritalin.  (or cylert, or
desipramine, or dexedrine...etc.)

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