Ritalin FAQ??

Brian Thiel/Lois Henry-Thiel thielbl at primenet.com
Thu Feb 23 06:41:18 EST 1995

In article <42624B2F01FB1173 at -SMF-> KATHY at ASCB.FASEB.ORG (KATHY KING) writes:

>Does anyone know of a Ritalin FAQ or where I could get more info on 
>Ritalin? I am interested in information regarding side effects, long term 
>usage effects, effects at different dosages, long-term usage studies, 

Have a web browser (Mosaic, NetScape, etc.)?  Try pasting the following line 
into the URL/Open line: 

This is the particular section in the ADD/ADHD archives that provides the info 
on drugs used, including Ritalin.

This is the general URL for getting into the top of the whole ADD/ADHD archive.

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