Need info on hemmorrhage, germinal matrix

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Thu Feb 23 02:28:10 EST 1995

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> Can anyone explain to me or steer me towards an explaination of the
> following?
> It is a diagnosis of a 11 month old boy.
> Ultrasound of the brain.
> 3mm sized relatively well defined marginated hypoechoic lesion in the
> right subependymal portion.
> Carvum septum pellucidum in coronal view.  Negative CSE space.
> Conclusion: Germinal matrix hemorrhage, Grade 1.
> If anyone can decipher this, and explain it in lay terms, it would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!
> Peter Bliss
> PeterB1202 at

> Germinal matrix hemorrhages are bleeds that occur in the brain at the
region of the ventricles.  The ventricles are fluid filled sacs that
produce and hold the brain water or cerebrospinal fluid.  The blood
vessels are very friable in this region and are prone to rupturing thus
causing a "germinal matrix hemorrhage."  The grading system of germinal
matrix bleeds is from 1-4, one being the mildest.

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