Chaos Theory

Carlo Musio camus at
Thu Feb 23 12:49:43 EST 1995

>For my Introduction to Neurobiology class I'm taking here at Syracuse
>University (taught by Dr. Robert Barlow) I have chosen to report for a final
>project on known occurences of patterns of chaos found in human
>physiology (preferably in the nervous system) Can anyone give me any
>information on the topic?  A reference to some printed work would be
>great, and any correspondence with people who have actually experimented
>with the topic would be ideal (in other words, really really really great).
>Thank you.
>Jeremy Impson
>	Undergraduate, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
>	Computer Science and Spanish Literature & Language		

Dear Jeremy,


T. Elbert, W.J. Ray et al. "Chaos and Physiology: Deterministic Chaos in
Excitable Cell Assemblies", Physiol. Rev. 74:1-47, 1994.



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