Seratonin question

JC joec at
Fri Feb 24 08:24:10 EST 1995

Just wondered if anyone knows the details of what happens to the brain
when a person takes LSD and if this is related to panic attacks.  Isn't
there some mechanism where LSD can bind
in the same manner andTEMPORARILY replace the actions that seratonin
perform in the
brain which causes the hallucinations ? I've also heard that through
intense mediatation and food deprivation and the like that hallucinations
can come about.  Panic attacks are supposedly related to seratonin levels
in the brain. If this is true, what is the current state of research in
this area? There is a thread that started on
newsgroup  about this and I was just curious. If this isn't the type of
stuff you talk about here then.......huh.......never mind or please please
redirect me.   Thanks!

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