LSD & neurotrasmitter relationship ?

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Sat Feb 25 16:59:50 EST 1995

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>Hello ! I was just curious if anyone knows how LSD affects
>neurotrasmitters in the brain. I think
>I heard that LSD can mimic or replace the actions that seratonin perform
>in the brain and that
Serotonin (not seratonin), aka 5-hydroxytryptamine or 5HT, acts through a 
large variety of receptors on neurons (5HT receptors) and mediates, among 
other things, some aspects of higher order brain function. LSD, as well 
as mescaline, psilocibin and many other hallucinogenic compounds, act as 
agonists (activators) at the 5HT2 subtype of serotonin receptors, as well 
as probably others (5HT1C, for ex.). These actions are complex-LSD has 
the pharmacological profile of a partial agonist in many respects, for ex.-
but there is not much doubt that activation of 5HT2 receptors is strongly 
implicated in so-called "hallucinogenic" activity. 
 Also I suffer from
>panic attacks and there are
>indications that low levels of seratonin  can cause PAs. What are the
>current theories on this ?
Compounds which inhibit the uptake of serotonin, or promote its release, 
are known to be anxiolytic.
GS Hamilton

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