left-handedness-two distinct types?

Glenn Alexander Myers gamyers at icaen.uiowa.edu
Mon Feb 27 19:42:10 EST 1995

Does anyone recall the work of a Harvard neurologist/psychyiatrist who 
described two distinct types of left handers?

One group (to which I belong) must curl their hand above the pencil, while 
the other, larger, group writes in a manner which is (except for direction) 
a mirror image of righthanders.

There were other functional differences between the groups.  One of which 
may be the localization of speech mentioned by some other posters, i.e.
that about 70% of left-handers localize speech in the left hemisphere.  

There have been a lot of mixed results regarding lefties (i.e. some early 
studies that purport to show an elevated risk of accidents, reduced 
longevity, differences in mathematical vs. verbal aptitude, etc.) that were
later refuted.  Some of this may be due to lumping together distinct groups.

I am also interested in the relation of laterality in general with ADD/ADHD.


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