genetics of psychotropic drug receptors info?

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>> >area?  Is it currently a popular field of study?
>> It's not clear what the question is here. Most psychotropic drugs mimic 
>> the actions of endogenous neurotransmitters at certain receptor subtype 
>> populations. For example, many "hallucinogenic" compounds act as agonists 
>> at 5HT2 (and probably other serotonin subtype) receptors, and some also 
>> have activity at dopamine receptor subtypes. Are you asking about the 
>> genetics of serotonin, dopamine and other receptors?

>Above erply is correct.

>A good source is the G Protein-linked Receptor Fact Book.  It's very
>complete.  It doesn't specifically address psychotropic aspects of the
>receptors, ie which receptors are pschotropic.

Sorry about the vagueness.  I meant papers about genetic factors that
influence how *receptive* people are to psychotropic drugs, i.e. how well
and in which ways they respond.  Picky, picky.

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