right-brain....NO!! Left-brain dominance Wait! right--left

lodge at daemon.clinphys.pmh.toronto.on.ca lodge at daemon.clinphys.pmh.toronto.on.ca
Mon Feb 27 22:37:17 EST 1995

Perhaps I'm blessed with countless vivid memories from my childhood
but nevertheless...
I clearly remember many occasions while learning to do new tasks ie. painting
both sloppy house-painting AND fine detailing on woodcraft
that I could not decide/remember which hand to do it with!
As an adult, I have accepted my left-handedness but I KNOW it was learned
I had the same difficulty with learning to write in the second grade.  At that
time I preferred my right hand - but I was sitting in a left-handed desk (I
didn't know the difference then) so the teacher turned my notepad to the right.
Today I write with my left hand.  This was obviously learned.  How then can
people be born with hemispherical dominance when I can remember (what I see)
a long period before adolescence during which the 'balance' tips very easily?

Another question...

During junior-high I was friends (a precarious relation at that age) with a
girl who might have been called a 'prodigy' - and I deeply regret that I have
lost contact with her.  She was absolutely average in every way - even
academically - except in her (no possible word could adequately size up)
fantastic ability to reproduce pictures on a pad of paper that she had just seenI have heard of other such 'prodigies' and know that these isolated areas
of incredible ability are sometimes referred to as 'talent-islands'.
Perhaps 'seathing talent-volcanoes in the middle of a rippled sea' is more
appropriate.  Anyways.....
Have there ever been any studies done to find an explanation for this
phenomenon which clearly distinguishes one in a million from the general
population ie. genetic, socioantagonistic, congenital, developmental, etc.?
An answer to this question may shed light on the formation of intelligence
itself...perhaps an a macro as well as microscopic scale.

I'd appreciate any opinions on this subject, specifically from those who have
had similar experiences.

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