Olfactory Granule Cells

Jason Christopher Dugas jcdugas at uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 2 15:27:07 EST 1995

HARRY R. ERWIN (herwin at osf1.gmu.edu) wrote:
: Experimentally, do olfactory granule cells have active conductances or are
: they passive? I finally had a (relatively) successful simulation run last
: night of my olfactory bulb model using active conductances in the granule
: cells, and it converged to a stable state with a small population of the
: tufted/mitral cells spiking, which was enough to depolarize the granule
: cells and so indirectly inhibit the remainder of the tufted/mitral
: cells--a condition that didn't match what I know of the OB in vivo. A
: related question is whether there is any evidence for afferent inhibitory
: synapses on the granule cells. 

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: Harry Erwin
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There is a review article you can pick up which addresses the membrane 
properties of all the identified neurons in the olfactory bulb:  Progress 
in Neurobiology, V. 29, pp. 275 - 320, 1987.  In this article it states 
that the granule cells do in fact spike when stimulated, in a manner 
similar to the amicrine cells of the retina.

Jason C. Dugas

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