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Tue Jan 3 14:32:46 EST 1995

> > I was wondering if anyone would please answer the following question:  Do
> > humans have a principal sulcus?  If not, what area of the frontal lobe
> > (particularly prefrontal cortex) corresponds to the principal sulcus and
> > area 46 of monkeys?  I am researching the behavioral deficits of EVR and
> > Phineas Gage, and I am trying to explain "normal" prefrontal patients and
> > their memory deficits in juxtaposition to the behavioral deficits that
> > these two patients show.....
> > 

For more information on human/primate cytoarchitectonics see:

"Comparative architectonic analysis of the human and the macaque frontal cortex" 
 Handbook of Neuropsychology, Vol 9
F. Boller and J. Grafman, (eds.)
Chapter 2, pp17-58, 1994

principal sulcus = inferior frontal sulcus
monkey area 46 = human area 46

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