Spontaneous Intracerebral Hypotension - info NEEDED

Jane MacDonald jmacdonald at mta.ca
Tue Jan 3 20:38:52 EST 1995

My sister has been diagnosed at 2 different hospitals as having "spontaneous 
intracerebral hypotension".  She is 37, active (usually!), with no other 
health problems.  The doctors think that the hypotension is caused by a "leak" 
probably in her lower back where she has 2 degenerative disks. It has been 4 
weeks now since this started and later this week she is being sent to another 
hospital (at a regional center) for a MRI.  She an only sit up for a bit 
because of headaches and she is nauseous.  

I am wondering how successful MRI's are at finding such leaks?  If there are 
oter things that should be checked?

I would appreciate ANY information on Spontaneous Intracerebral Hypotension - 
articles to look up, case histories, other sources of info., ANy information.

Thank-you in advance.


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