love and neurotransmitters

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>I ordered the vidotape of the BRAIN series.  Yesterday they arrived; 
>three 90 minute tapes.
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>> >>I was watching that BRAIN show on the Discovery channel and
>> >>heard some information that I find hard to swallow.  They
>> >>attributed love to a release of dopamine, norepi, and epi
>> >>which, beyond the fluttery heart and sweaty palms, also leads
>> >>to a loss of logic or "love."  I'm only in my first semester in
>> >>a neuroscience grad program, but i haven't heard anything that
>> >>justifies this, and I was wondering if anyone could provide
>> >>some kind of justification to this.

All of our thoughts and feelings, no matter how euphoric or bizzare are 
due to interactions of neurochemicals, neurons, hormones, etc. Let's not 
underestimate our amazing brain.

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