Olfactory Granule Cells

HARRY R. ERWIN herwin at osf1.gmu.edu
Mon Jan 2 20:02:59 EST 1995

Jason Christopher Dugas (jcdugas at uclink.berkeley.edu) wrote:
: HARRY R. ERWIN (herwin at osf1.gmu.edu) wrote:
: : Experimentally, do olfactory granule cells have active conductances or are
: : they passive? 

: There is a review article you can pick up which addresses the membrane 
: properties of all the identified neurons in the olfactory bulb:  Progress 
: in Neurobiology, V. 29, pp. 275 - 320, 1987.  In this article it states 
: that the granule cells do in fact spike when stimulated, in a manner 
: similar to the amacrine cells of the retina.

Thanks greatly! That's very interesting! Given that there is little or no 
evidence for afferent inhibitory synapses, this implies (at least based 
on my model) that the granule cells will tend to overshoot, driving all 
the tufted/mitral cells off. I'll take a look at that in a run tonight.

Harry Erwin
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