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There will be a symposium on the use of ANTISENSE OLIGODEOXYNUCLEOTIDE products
and related technologies to regulate gene expression in the nervous system in
Oxford University in March.  The title of the conference is:
"Practical Approaches to the Regulation of Gene Expression:
Progress in neuroscience"  and it will be held in Wadham College,
University of Oxford, on March 26 to 28.
An international gathering of leading investigators will give talks on the work
in their laboatories including practical issues related to the use of
antisense oligodeoxynucelotide products to regulate gene expression
in vivo and in vitro in nervous tissues.  Open discussion sessions will
provide opportunities to examine the technical aspects of such approaches
in depth.  Poster presentations are welcomed from all participants.

For further information, please contact:
Anna Morris                                   Ron Leslie
Symposium Secretariat                         Co-organiser
tel. 44 - 1865 - 270286           or          tel. 44 - 1865 - 793427
fax. 44 - 1865 - 270284                       fax. 44 - 1865 - 791712
e-mail:  AMORRIS at VAX.OX.AC.UK                 e-mail:  RAL at VAX.OX.AC.UK

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