criticism on posts on this group

Karen E Pinder kpinder at
Thu Jan 5 14:00:11 EST 1995

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara (un691cs at wrote:

: Hello,

: I joined this group about a year ago, left it again and rejoined
: a few weeks back. Reason: I am new to the field and was hoping
: to get a lot of info. However, what I have noticed is that about
: 50% of all the posts deal with people who ask for advice because
: a relative/friend has a disease that I never heard of before.
IMHO, these posts teach us all something.  I have learned a great deal 
from people's responses to questions of this nature.  As you said, these 
diseases are sometimes ones we have never heard of, and thus how can we 
not learn from the responses?

Am I alone in this opinion?  As long as the posts relate to neuroscience, 
I see no harm :-)

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