Lucifer Yellow fills of neurons

Rene Jansen renej at
Thu Jan 5 04:28:48 EST 1995

Jonathan Jacobs (jxj24 at wrote:
: I am looking to correspond with any- and everyone who uses Lucifer Yellow to
: fill neurons (and perhaps other cells).

: In my lab I am using LY to identify and inactivate cells in the buccal
: ganglion of the sea mollusc _Aplysia californica_, and have been having
: some... inconstancy... in the results.

: No tidbit is too trivial.  Any of _your_ rules of thumb will certainly be
: appreciated.  For the record,  we use 1.0mm thin-wall capillary tubing from AM
: Systems, pulled on a Flaming-Brown pipette puller manufactured by Sutter
: Instruments.  Our LY is from Molecular Probes and the intracelular amp is also
: from AM Systems.  We inactivate the dye (and the cell) by exposure to 500nm
: blue light from a Zeiss fluorescent scope.

My email response bounced, so I'll post my response here. What kind of
'inconstancy' are we talking about. How do you apply the LY ? We work
on a related animal (Lymnaea), and are planning to use photo -inactivation
in the future. I am therefore very interested in your problem. It would
be nice if we could get the email working.

Rene Jansen

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