Olfactory Granule Cells

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In article <3e46li$3bh at portal.gmu.edu>, herwin at osf1.gmu.edu (HARRY R. ERWIN) writes:
|> Experimentally, do olfactory granule cells have active conductances or are
|> they passive? I finally had a (relatively) successful simulation run last
|> night of my olfactory bulb model using active conductances in the granule
|> cells, and it converged to a stable state with a small population of the
|> tufted/mitral cells spiking, which was enough to depolarize the granule
|> cells and so indirectly inhibit the remainder of the tufted/mitral
|> cells--a condition that didn't match what I know of the OB in vivo. A
|> related question is whether there is any evidence for afferent inhibitory
|> synapses on the granule cells. 
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|> Harry Erwin
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For a details of a very nice piece of modeling (including known active
channels) see:

   author = {U. S. Bhalla and J. M. Bower},
   title = {Exploring parameter space in detailed single neuron
                  models: {S}imulations of the mitral and granule cells
                  of the olfactory bulb},
   journal = {J. Neurophysiol.},
   year = 1993,
   volume = {69},
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