criticism on posts on this group (fwd)

MJ Duggan sgex400 at
Thu Jan 5 05:31:05 EST 1995

Clemens from Heidelberg wrote:

> I joined this group about a year ago, left it again and rejoined
> a few weeks back. Reason: I am new to the field and was hoping
> to get a lot of info. However, what I have noticed is that about
> 50% of all the posts deal with people who ask for advice because
> a relative/friend has a disease that I never heard of before.
> I feel compassion for these people, and I think that they should be
> helped, but isn't our newsgroup really thought to be for
> scientific questions ?

I agree that that is what I read this newsgroup for, but the whole point
of this sort of place is that it is accessible to everyone who has some
interest. If you want scientific information then frame a question and ask
it. I would be happy to answer if I know anything of relevance. 

IMHO you will not get too much out of this as a purely passive reader, you
will have to be more active. 

So what do you want to talk about?

Mike Duggan


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