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Wed Jan 4 23:24:34 EST 1995

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> Hello,
> I joined this group about a year ago, left it again and rejoined
> a few weeks back. Reason: I am new to the field and was hoping
> to get a lot of info. However, what I have noticed is that about
> 50% of all the posts deal with people who ask for advice because
> a relative/friend has a disease that I never heard of before.
> I feel compassion for these people, and I think that they should be
> helped, but isn't our newsgroup really thought to be for
> scientific questions ?
> What is your opinion on this ? What can we do to solve it ?

perhaps this (the original discription of bionet.neuroscience) would help
clear things up:

Welcome to the moderated (well, not anymore) usenet group
This group has been created for the exchange of scientific
ideas under a multi-disciplinary rubric of neuroscience and
will necessarily reflect the diversity that is now inherent
in the field. The group, while welcoming and encouraging the
participation of computer scientists, will not focus on
artificial neural networks, as there are newsgroups already
on the Usenet dedicated to this and related topics. Rather,
scientists such as physiologists, computational
neuroscientists, molecular biologists, and behavioral
scientists will be encouraged to interact through this
medium to discuss the function, evolution, and structure of
biologic nervous systems. Bionet.neuroscience will also be
the place for researchers to sound out novel theories and to
facilitate collaborations. Discussions of new papers and
abstracts will be appropriate.

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