Non stick brain slices

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>Subject: Non stick brain slices
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>Does anyone have a nice recipe for a solution that could be used to stick
>slices to slides?  I am currently using gelatin coated slides but when I
>the sliced brains prior to staining they float off the slides with

>The brains are from perfused rats, soaked in 30 % sucrose formalin to force
>water, blocked, bonded to a post with tissue tek, and cut coronally at -10
>on a cryostat.

>Thanks in advance.


    Dissolve 1 g gelatin in 100 ml warm water.
    Dissolve 0.1 g chrome alum in 1 ml cold water.
    Mix the solutions.  The mixture keeps for a few days.

    Smear a biggish drop (0.05-0.1 ml) onto each slide. Let the slides
    air-dry.  They keep for years, in the cardboard boxes the slides
    originally came in.

    Collect your cryostat sections onto the coated slides,
    thaw & dry.  Chrome-gelatin also works well for paraffin
    and freezing microtome sections.

            Another method is to use gelatin alone, then expose the
            slide (with mounted section) to formalin solution or vapour
            for several hours (e.g. overnight).  I've had less 
            experience with this method but it seemed OK the few times
            I tried it.  Cr cross-links carboxyl groups in the gelatin
            and in the section.  Formalin cross-links mainly aminos
            and peptide bonds.
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