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Sat Jan 7 10:03:57 EST 1995


We are currently doing research on the use of music as a technique in
the treatment of the head-injured patient. These patients have physical,
psychological, cognitive and perceptual deficits.

This work is towards greater understanding of music therapy as an
effective means of rehabilitation in South Africa.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively new area in our country and we hope
that this work will open up a few eyes. We hope to participate in the
South African Association of Occupational Therapists Congress in 
June '95.

Any help in the form of references or information (pref. on-line
documents since mail to South Africa is slow and archives here are
quite limited) or any assistance in contacting people involved in such
research will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Meenakshe Ranchhod.

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