MD-PhD in Psychiatry and Psychology

Robert G. Smith rob at
Sat Jan 7 00:42:07 EST 1995

anonymous wrote:
:        I had a few questions that hopefully anyone might be able to answer
: -- I am an undergraduate pre-med, pre-clinical, public policy concentrator
: at xxxxx University who is interested in getting an MD in psychiatry and a
: PhD in psychology.  I would like to combine the two because I feel that at
: present the emphasis in psychiatry is overly scientific and the emphasis
: in psychology is underly biological.  So, I was wondering if anyone knew
: of any schools which might offer such an MD-PhD program, or anyone who had
: any advice on pursuing such a career....
Am sure that Univ of PA ("Penn") could offer something. We're
very flexible, and there are lots of possiblities with
psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience, etc.

Rob Smith

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