acoustic neuromas

Mallory Leslie McClure mlm2s at
Sat Jan 7 18:04:57 EST 1995

We have talked about acoustic neuromas a few times in class.
We have been told that the major deficit to patients with respect to the 8th 
cranial nerve is loss of hearing.  We have been told that
balance is less likely to be damaged.  A clinician lecturing
the class proposed that the reason why balance is spared
usually is because the lesion is slow-growing and therefore
patients have time to adapt to vestibular losses.  How
plausible an explanation is this?  How often do patients with
acoutic neuromas actually have vestibular deficits?  When
vestibular deficits are present, what is their degree of
severity?  Thanks.

Just trying to keep my balance,
Mallory L. McClure, University ofVirginia School of Medicine class of 1997
(Brown University class of 1992)
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