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Sat Jan 7 19:54:55 EST 1995

Chou Hung <cph at> writes:

Hello everyone,

	I've written a LabVIEW program for single- and two-electrode 
extracellular, intracellular, and whole-cell recording.  The program is
currently set up for episodic recording from CA1 hippocampal neurons, but it
should work for most neurons, especially slice preparations.  If you're
interested, let me know.  Cheers.

Temporary name: Cornu Ammonis (this is too specific, and I welcome any

Function: Record and analyze two-electrode episodic extracellular,
	  intracellular, and whole-cell recordings

Suggested hardware & software: Pentium with 16 Mb RAM, math coprocessor (req),
			       LabVIEW 3.1 for Windows (National Insturments),
			       National Instruments' A/D board AT-MIO-16DH,
			       National Instruments' BNC board BNC-2080,
			       Axon Instruments' Axoclamp 2B	
			       Axon Instruments' Isolator 11	
			       Microcal's Origin (for nicer graphs)

	CA can be easily reconfigured for Macs & Sparcs
Features: record from up to two recording electrodes
	  extracellular, intracellular, and whole-cell recording combinations
	  software-controlled stimulus output (2 stimulating electrodes)
	  tetanus trains, Stoppini tetanus, 1-Hz stimulation
	  test for independent pathways, paired-pulse facilitation (PPF) 
	  analyze initial slope, amplitude, baseline shifts, mEPSC freq &
		amplitudes, series & membrane resistance,
	  average over experiments
	  average and/or display multiple sweeps
	  adjust for baseline, discard values over a range, change timebase
	  find average, SD, and Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) over range
	  create histogram, plot cumulative probability, apply K-S test
	  export data to Origin or Excel
	  pop-up graph for recording where stim & recording electrodes are
Chou Hung						cph at
Schuman Lab						818-395-1426
California Instute of Technology

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