Mind machine QUACKERY re-post sans ugly formatting

Timothy Budd bbudd at laurel.ocs.mq.edu.au
Tue Jan 10 01:04:31 EST 1995

An article looking at the outrageous claims of the "New Agers" (read:
intellectually fragile) regarding "Mind Machines" is way over due and I wish
you good luck with it! I am presently doing a Phd in an EEG/ERP area and
have done several experiments similar to the entrainment type you were
refering too, although a comprehensive reply to your questions is a little
time consuming and therefore would be costly. But for the sake of parsimony
and gratia I relate my favourite analogy that; stimulating a person at
certain frequencies and expecting some of the claimed changes in subjective 
mental states is very much like playing the sound of a jet taking off to a 
747 sitting on a runway and expecting it to fly!  

bill.budd at mq.edu.au

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