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Wed Jan 11 07:21:33 EST 1995

In article <3et81f$fqr at sunb.ocs.mq.edu.au> bbudd at laurel.ocs.mq.edu.au (Timothy Budd) writes:

>An article looking at the outrageous claims of the "New Agers" (read:
>intellectually fragile) regarding "Mind Machines" is way over due and I wish
>you good luck with it! I am presently doing a Phd in an EEG/ERP area and
>have done several experiments similar to the entrainment type you were
>refering too, although a comprehensive reply to your questions is a little
>time consuming and therefore would be costly. But for the sake of parsimony
>and gratia I relate my favourite analogy that; stimulating a person at
>certain frequencies and expecting some of the claimed changes in subjective 
>mental states is very much like playing the sound of a jet taking off to a 
>747 sitting on a runway and expecting it to fly!  

Chuckles aplenty.  I am amused by the analogy.  Of course, like all analogies 
it only applies if there is a real connection, however remote.  If your 
analogy had an element of some interaction with the pilots of the waiting 747 
then there might have been an analogy.  But it was still funny.

The more weakly one stands on the ground of his belief, the
more he clings to the dogma which separates it from other beliefs.
 ... The more one stands on the ground of his belief, the 
more he can reach out to those who do not share his belief.
                                  --Viktor Frankl, MD, PhD, 1961

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