PLS HELP..friend's dad has CIDP

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>Subject: PLS HELP..friend's dad has CIDP
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>   Hello out there! I'm really hoping someone can shed some light on this 
>situation. My best friend's father has been diagnosed with CIDP, or 
>Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Neuropathy (should be CIDN ??? I 
>dunno, this is what they wrote out for me). Anyway, it's apparently a 
>lesser known thing; his doctor doesn't really seem too sure what to do.
>   Symptoms range from numbness ("feels like a block of ice being rubbed 
>up and down my back"), to intense pain in seemingly every nerve in his 
>body. His doctor put him on some pretty heavy drugs, the effects of which 
>were almost as bad as the pain (actually they didn't even help too much 
>for the pain, but left him unable to do even the simplest arithmetic, and 
>quite disoriented). My friend thinks his dad's doctor is an idiot, and 
>that he should seek more advice from a specialist, but his dad swears by 
>this family doctor and refuses to even consider anything unless 'the 
>doctor' tells him.
>    My question(s):
>    Can anyone tell me anything about this disease ?
>    Is there any 'new' research being done in this area?
>    Is it possible that any of the following might help:
>     -morphine/heroin
>     -acupuncture/acupressure 
>     -meditation
>     -diet

>ANY info, or references will be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.
> Rodent............ at ................rye

As the name implies, the condition is chronic (although it is commonly 
relapsing and remitting) and it is characterized by an inflammatory reaction 
which result is a breakdown of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves.  
This in turn results in the clinical symptoms of numbness and weakness of the 
extremities.  I would strongly encourage him to consult a neurologist, 
preferably a neuromuscular specialist.  Such specialists can be found at most 
academic major medical centers.  There are several immunosuppressive therapies 
that can be used to treat this condition.  Many of the drugs have potentially 
very significant long term adverse side effects.  That does not mean that they 
should not be used, because left untreated, this can be a very debilitating 
disease.  This only underscores the necessity of an accurate diagnosis.  
Forget about heroin, acupuncture, meditation and diet as forms of treatment.  
Finally, have your friend explain to his father that seeking the advice of a 
specialist is not a bad reflection on his family doctor.  Medicine is a vast 
and diverse science, and no one physician can possibly know everything about 
every condition.

I hope this helps.  If you cannot find the name of a neurologist in his area, 
contact me by e-mail, and I'll try to locate one for you.  Good luck.

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