Non stick brain slices

Alex Cummins ace at
Thu Jan 12 09:45:52 EST 1995

Gelatin coated slide do work I use them routinely however if the gelatin
was to hot the gelatin may have broken down. Also on some occasions were
servere conditions caused section loss double coating was nessecary. Let
the first coat dry the recoat with gelatin let dry and apply sections.

In article <1995Jan5.213354.20749 at>, patrick at wrote:

> Does anyone have a nice recipe for a solution that could be used to
stick brain
> slices to slides?  I am currently using gelatin coated slides but when I
> the sliced brains prior to staining they float off the slides with
> regularity.  
> The brains are from perfused rats, soaked in 30 % sucrose formalin to
force out 
> water, blocked, bonded to a post with tissue tek, and cut coronally at
-10 degrees 
> on a cryostat.
> Thanks in advance.
> Patrick

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