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>i need some info. Do astrocytes express any of the following substances ?
>Or could you point me towards a review which additional info ?
>some of these factors are neurotransmitters, so this makes me wonder:
>vip, tph,somatostatin, subst. P, cck,neuropept. Y, CGRP, LIF,
>thanks in advance,
>clemens, heidelberg
   Generally, only nerve cells (neurons) are involve in nerotransmitter 
secretion-signalling.  Signalling is the function of neurons.  Astrocytes 
are involve in many other functions-mostly in the maintenance of the blood 
brain barrier.  It has been postulated that astrocytes are involve in the 
policing of excess K+ ions due to the constant firing of brain neurons.  The 
permeability of astrocytes allows for uptake of Cl- ions thereby maintaining 
electrical neutrality.  Astrocytes are considered as the third major class 
of glial cell, which are the most numourous, and at the same time the most 
  Their end-feet, formed on the surface of the nerve, brain and spinal cord, 
giving rise to the glial membrane (or limiting sheath) that surrounds the 
central nervous system as a protective covering.  Moreover, astrocytes are 
involve in the clean-up of the surrounding brain region and spinal cord. 
   Take a look at  Newman, E. A. 1986. High Potassium conductance in 
astrocyte endfeet Science 233:453-454. for mor information. 
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