I used LY in patch clamp experiments

Schneider Horst Dr. hschneid at papin.HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE
Fri Jan 13 12:03:20 EST 1995

Hi Rob,

I«ve used LY in my patch electrodes (0.025%) to stain the recorded cells 
(retinal cells in rat slices). I«ve not found any change of the voltage
dependent K+currents when using LY. At the beginning I had some problems
with LY because it was to high concentrated. 
By the way. To look wether cells are electrically coupled via gap junctions
I have used "Neurobiotin", a Tracer which is much smaller than LY and passes
the electrical synapses.
If you have any questions concerning the things I«ve told you above - my
Email address is: hschneid at mailer.uni-marburg.de

Good luck
Horst Schneider

 resseich is et025%

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