PLS HELP..friend's dad has CIDP

DavidH901 davidh901 at
Thu Jan 12 22:01:21 EST 1995

Tony - Although I have not heard of it as CIDP, I believe that you're
referring to a variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome known as CIP - Chronic
Idiopathic Poly- neuritis.  

I had the non-chronic form of this disease in 1991 and as a result have
kept in touch with the Guillain-Barre Foundation International.  They are
located in Wynnewood, PA. - phone # (215) 667-0131.

Their pamphlet, "Guillain-Barre Syndrome - an overview for the layperson"
might be helpful.  If you like, I will photocopy and fax to you, the
section on CIP, so that you would have it sooner.  E-mail to
DavidH901 at

I hope this will point you towards some information that will be of help
to your friend's father.  

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