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>Hello, My Name is Mike Pisano and an a undergradute student at the 
>Unverisity of Windsor. I am doing some research and need some help.
>I need some information on specific brain structures that are involved
>in pain. . . . 

   If you look in your University library you will find many books
   with words like "Neuroscience," "Neuroanatomy" and "Physiology"
   in their titles.  A good example is "Neurobiology," by G. Shepherd.
   Each of these books will have an INDEX and either a BIBLIOGRAPHY or
   lists of RECOMMENDED READINGS at the ends of the chapters. The
   correct way to find out about a large subject like Pain is to read
   the appropriate chapters in one or two books of this kind and to
   follow up the references for the aspects that interest you.

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