HELP: want info. on 'Radiator' theory of brain evolution

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Fri Jan 13 15:29:45 EST 1995


I'd like to track down references to a couple of facts about the brain.
I've tried all avenues open to me, perhaps you can help.

(1) I want to track down refs. to the 'radiator' hypothesis of the increase
of cerebral cortex in human evolution. I originally saw this on a Horizon
programme (BBC, Britain) about a year ago.

(2) On the same programme (I think) there was reference to results that 
indicated the presence of veins with no valves running directly through
the cranium from the brain and into the skin of the scalp, but which 
aren't present in other apes. This is supposed to help cool down the
brain when it overheats.

Could you please e-mail me directly, rather than post, as I am not 
a regular reader of this group. If there are many responses, I will 
summarise and post them for anyone who's interested.

Thanks in advance,


Francis O'Reilly

PhD Student
Dept. of Computer Science
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

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