Layperson: Re: Serotonin?

Jewel Labelle CMCK02B at
Sat Jan 14 14:30:28 EST 1995

I'm writing for my wife here, using her account...

My wife and her sisters, mother, and one of her brothers are all 
experiencing various physical and emotional disorders, of similar nature. 
At least two of them have been diagnosed as being of neurochemical origin.
 The more we look into this the more it looks to our lay eyes like the 
culprit is serotonin, and that there may be some regulatory mechanism out 
of whack. The symptoms, pretty much across the board seem to fit with a 
pattern of the body overproducing serotonin (the physical, esp. gastro-
intestinal symptoms) and the brain not taking it up sufficiently (the 
mental/emotional symptoms). 
Can anyone tell us if this makes sense? My thought is that if the brain 
receptors are for some reason not taking up serotonin adequately, the 
nervous system might send out some sort of request signal for more, and 
the resulting increase in production would cause overstimulation of 
muscular & organ systems. Meanwhile, the underlying problem in the brain 
is uncorrected, so no matter how much serotonin is present it's never 
enough for the brain.
I'm an extreme layperson, but the more I find out about the role of 
serotonin, the more this scenario seems to fit the symptoms my wife's 
family is experiencing. Can someone who REALLY knows about this sort of 
stuff let us know what you think?

Thanks in advance,
Clif Swinford (writing for Jewel LaBelle)
CMCK02B at

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